Who We are

MicroPatterns is a Virginia based Enterprise Software Integration company specialized in Enterprise Application Integration space. MicroPatterns has significant expertise in

  • Enterprise Business Integration Analysis,
  • Enterprise Integration Architecture Design,
  • Enterprise Integration Software Development,
  • Enterprise Integration Solution Provider,
  • Enterprise Integration Security analysis,
  • Technology staffing in B2B and EAI space,
  • Enterprise Industry Standards Solutions Integration,
  • Enterprise Trading Partner Integration and
  • Enterprise Integration software Testing.


What We do

MicroPatterns provides smart solutions for Enterprise Application Integration by maximizing Return On Investment (ROI) of our clients putting special emphasis on the utilization of the legacy systems at its fullest. Our expertise in integrating disparate systems across enterprises and trading partners is well recognized in the industry. Our technical consultants provide architecture solutions to absorb redesign shocks caused by frequent innovations in technology and the change of technology itself.

  • e-commerce solution in J2EE space
  • WebServices solutions
  • Provider of Data Interchange Standards (DISA) analysis and XML Technology
  • B2B Trading Partner Integration solution
  • Enterprise Integration solution in EAI space
  • Enterprise Industry Standards Integration solution
  • Business Rules Integration Solution

Our Vision

AT MicroPatterns, we don't just provide total Enterprise Integration Solution but smart Enterprise Integration Solutions. Our vision is to provide an holistic architectural solution of enterprise integration woes.


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